Reveal Your Unique Value

Brand videos that help you stand out from the crowd.

  • Charge what you’re worth
  • Get more customers
  • Gain a competitive edge
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Differentiate or Die

Losing business to inferior competition. Not enough prospects. Shrinking market share. Competing mainly on price.

Sound familiar?

In a competitive world, businesses that don’t differentiate will struggle to succeed.

At StoryForge, we believe your brand deserves to have its unique value recognized and rewarded.

We Help Brands Attract More Customers

We understand the worry of trying to explain your unique value in a competitive market. We’ve lived it ourselves, so we more than get it.

We’ve been producing professional video for 20 years. In that time, we’ve learned the secret to making brand videos that are 22x more likely to help you differentiate from the competition and attract your ideal client than the usual boring, corporate video.

We’ve created a simple 3-step framework to make a brand video we’re confident your audience will love.

Benefits of a StoryForge Brand Video

Case Study Video

Powerful Persuasion

Our 3-step video storytelling framework ensures more people will understand your unique value so you can charge what you’re worth.

Video consulting services

Build Trust

Testimonials and case studies show how you solved the problems of real people, helping convert more prospects into paying customers.

Video Testimonial

Increase Awareness

An effective distribution strategy ensures your brand video will get seen by more of your desired audience, giving you a competitive edge.

Corporate Video Production

Getting Started is Easy

Get a Quote

Tell us about your goals. We’ll send you a proposal and you can decide if we’re a good fit.

Video Production

Our team gets to work, making a video on your desired schedule and within your budget.



Feel great about a brand video that reveals your unique value and helps attract more customers!

“Very Happy”

5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
We have worked with them on several projects and have been very happy with the results. Bob and his team have been great in getting projects completed on tight deadlines and we have been very happy with the quality of the productions.
Ron Barsotti
Recall Max

“Superior Work”

5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
A consummate professional who is able to effectively take video production from concept to project completion. From pre-production to production through post-production, Robert’s superior work complements his strong storytelling skills.
Peter Tombrowski
Simpler Search

What You Get With StoryForge

Value Video

Create video content that provides real value, building trust and converting more leads into clients.

Interview Experts

We know how to ask questions that get great responses, proving your claims and building trust.

Sharing Guidance

We’ll help you choose the best channels for your video to be seen by more of your ideal clients.

Dedicated Video Team

It’s like having an in-house video team without the overhead! No need for resumes or interviews.

Fast Production Turnaround

We can have your video done in a week or two. Shoots can be scheduled within 24-48 hours.

Online Video Revisions

You’ll be able to add notes directly on the timeline, improving clarity and reducing revision time.

Scalable Video Production

We can source top local video production talent, adapting as necessary regardless of project size.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

If a video doesn’t meet expectations, and we can’t fix it, we’ll give you a full refund.

Calgary Video Production

Our team is based in Calgary. Knowing the city makes for more efficient and agile production.

Some of the clients we’ve done video work for…

Museum fundraising video
corporate video production about us video
Video interviews and video testimonials
Software services video production
Freelance video production
Hedy Logo

Think STORY is just for entertainment? Did you know…

Video Production Pricing
  • People are 22x more likely to understand and remember a story than facts and statistics
  • Your story reveals how you are unique in a way that sticks
  • A properly told story captivates and cuts through the noise of advertising that bombards us every day
  • Stories evoke emotion, which drives decision-making
  • When we’re transported into a story, our beliefs about the world can actually change
  • Using the power of story in video can increase conversions by 90%

Fill-in-the-Blanks Template

Free Business Video Planning Guide

How to plan a business video the right way in a simple step-by-step checklist you can use to help create the kind of videos that get the results you want.

video planning guide